PreDoc Camp in CogSci

A door to your PhD in Cognitive Science at DIPSCO

Organised by the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science (DIPSCO) at the University of Trento, the PreDoc Camp in Cognitive Science is a 4-day educational opportunity for prospective graduate students wanting to pursue a PhD in Cognitive Science within DIPSCO's Doctoral Programme.

The PreDoc Camp in CogSci aspires to attract young talents and facilitate their familiarisation with our 3-yrs PhD programme in Cognitive Science, while also providing methodological learning opportunities on cutting-edge topics in cognitive science

The camp seeks to empower participants by providing them with specific methodological skills crucial for their research endeavours. Through targeted workshops, hands-on training, and interactive sessions with professors and current and past PhD Students, attendees will gain practical insights and knowledge, honing their abilities to navigate the intricate landscape of contemporary research methodologies. 

The PreDoc Camp in CogSci is sponsored by:

The PreDoc Camp will be hosted by DIPSCO (Rovereto) on May 7-10 2024. Most of the activities will be hosted in Palazzo Fedrigotti and Palazzo Istruzione (Corso Bettini 31, Rovereto, Trento). The event will be solely in person.

The PrePhD Camp in CogSci features the following:

Share your research interests with other cognitive scientists.

Get to meet your potential supervisor.

Learn cutting-edge techniques in CogSci.